Waste cardboard disposal challenge        and our solution  

It is common knowledge that cardboard is increasingly becoming the material of choice for goods packaging. This is at the expense of plastics and polymers. Consequently,  industry, governments and communities are grappling with the fact that there is currently no sustainable cardboard disposal solution for the ever-

increasing piles of cardboard waste.


A whopping 90% of global waste cardboard ultimately ends up in landfills and a smaller portion is incinerated.


The problems with bulkiness, short recycling loops of cardboard, susceptibility to fire, and far few and distant recycling centres  - all translate to high transport cost of low-value cardboard waste.  The option of exporting the used cardboard is also no longer available. These problems are highly alarming considering the potential for breaking the current nexus between cardboard and consumer turning it into a situation worse than that of waste plastics.

For these reasons many in the industry and government circles are now acknowledging that recycling of waste cardboard by itself is not a total disposal solution and that the challenge cannot be resolved unless flexible and energy/water efficient technologies are developed and made available to industry and regional communities.

Pact Renewables has commenced the journey for a sustainable waste cardboard disposal solution by introducing CtP technology. Our technology uses waste cardboard as a resource for the manufacture of a diverse range of industrial products and consumer goods. And, no need for landfilling or incineration.

The waste cardboard disposal challenge and our CtP technology based solution are shown in the simplified illustration below.

Cardboard Challenge-Caricateur.png

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