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Solid state storage of hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy is dubbed as the future energy and Pact Renewables is developing novel and highly functional composites using precursor minerals recovered from seawater for large-scale storage of hydrogen energy in solid state for the purpose of safe and cost efficient transport. We expect that the flexibility and scalability inherent in our integrated processing system for producing hydrogen storage media from discharge brine of coastal desalination plants, alongside with hydrogen generated from desalinated seawater, will support the global move towards the adoption of hydrogen energy as the future energy. Imagine a sea-going vessel empowered with hydrogen energy that is produced and stored in solid state on board !


Pact Renewables is keenly pursuing this exciting technology project because of its potential to create a new dynamic in the seawater-hydrogen energy nexus where seawater desalination and hydrogen production work together to power economic growth without resource constraints and a minimised brine discharge from desalination plants. Given this potential, our technology for large-scale solid storage of hydrogen energy is likely to play a significant role in this future. 


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Integrated energy-water supply systems for small communities 

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There is an overwhelming need for improving the livelihood of impoverished farmers in remote communities with limited access to electricity and clean water. One innovative solution is to offer them an integrated, low cost and maintenance, solar-powered desalination system for self sufficiency in supply of freshwater and electricity at substantially reduced physical footprint. Our project is designed to address this very shortcoming. We use a jointly developed membrane-based solar desalination technology and draw from our vast experience with desalination processes to achieve our objectives.

We are currently investigating various design aspects of small (i.e., rooftop scale) production modules, comprised of solar and water filtration units, with the objective of achieving best fit solutions in terms of practicality, robustness for field operation and ease of deployment at low cost in remote locations. Initial trials of our integrated system point to its potential for application in extreme weather conditions for cogeneration of freshwater and energy. Such a system can also be potentially used on board of seagoing vessels, as well as heavy army vehicles and                    ambulances operating in remote locations.