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MBC Technology

                                                                           MBC is a game-changing                                                                                          technology for production of                                                                                      mineral-based soil degradable                                                                                  composites using cheap and                                                                                      plentiful precursor minerals and                                                                                their mixtures. The technology can                                                                            advantageously use the minerals                                                                                produced in Salpro and Synpotash                                                                             technologies.


                                                                           Apart from degradability in soil our                                                                             composites can also be formulated into highly functional feedstock materials suited for a range of industrial, resource development and environmental applications. Included are feedstock materials for the manufacture of highly functional agricultural products such planting containers or soil conditioners for the remediation of contaminated mine sites, impaired land, and reforestation.


These composites are also used for encapsulation of various solid, liquid, slurry and gaseous waste streams though several combinations of aggregation and granulation steps. Hard to handle waste streams may include toxic fly ash (APCr residue) from waste-to-energy incineration processes or discarded single-use facemasks that can be encapsulated using our composites technology for safe disposal or as a feedstock for downstream applications.  

For example, the composites can optionally incorporate the use of CO2 gas waste stream from various industrial processes to produce carbonated compositions that we have been extensively tested and proven to be highly desirable feedstock material for use in manufacture of low footprint industrial products and consumer goods with measurable positive environmental and social impacts.

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