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Synpotash is a sustainable technology for production of high-value, chloride-free variable solubility potash fertilisers based on an innovative mineral conversion process. The technology is highly scalable and uses conventional mineral processing equipment. Furthermore, because of flexibility in process design and the options for the use of low-cost feedstock minerals, Synpotash offers a cost competitive alternative to current methods for large-scale production of fertiliser quality potash from salt lake brines, at scales commensurate with local and regional market demand. The technology can be conveniently integrated with our other technologies to produce degradable feedstock materials for use in manufacturing a wide range of industrial products and consumer goods. 


A key measurable, which is also considered a positive environmental outcome of the Synpotash technology is the use of cheap and plentiful salt minerals or alternatively leachates from landfills and flyash monofills of waste-to-energy (WtE) and incineration plants and cement kiln dust.

©2020 Pact Renewables Pty Ltd