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About us

  • A Sydney, Australia based private technology company established in 2011 and directed by Dr. Aharon Arakel, with a business focus on developing and commercialising its unique technology platforms and provision of expert advice on saline waste solutions for reducing industry footprint.  

  • Selection of Salpro technology platform by the US Bureau of Reclamation as the best-fit zero liquid discharge (ZLD) brine management solution in terms of technical and operational feasibility, environmental acceptability and economic grounds (2006)

  • Appointment of Company as a member of World Economic Forum’s Toplink innovators platform (2023)

  • Selection of Company by the U.S. Forestry Service for supply of MBC-based seedling pots to help restore forests under U.S. 1 trillion trees forestation program (2023)

  • Project delivery teams include specialists on Salpro and MBC technologies, and associates from industry, engineering/environmental consulting and universities with complementary expertise

  • Uses in-house testing facilities with access to a NATA registered soil/water/biological testing laboratory and university-based specialised research facilities 

  • Retains strategic alliances with leading equipment suppliers and turnkey operators in the fields of water, engineering design, decarbonisation, waste services, chemical products, trading and distribution, and carbon trading organisations.

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