About us

Pact Renewables Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based private technology company established in 2011 and directed by Dr Aharon Arakel.  The Company is at the forefront of a new paradigm in addressing waste issues by developing and commercialising a portfolio of sustainable technologies for production of valuable minerals and degradable composites from saline resources for use in the manufacture of diverse industrial products and consumer goods. These technologies have the potential to positively impact the waste-consumer nexus by promoting substantially improved waste management practices.  


Aharon is an accomplished scientist with advanced  technology development skills and commercialisation history spanning well over four decades. Aharon is the senior inventor of many technologies with his first patented technology for potash salt recovery from salt lake brines dating back to 1993. The current  projects draw advantageously from his vast technical know-how and economic aspects of processing of saline water/wastewater and cardboard-to-product recovery for waste minimisation.  Through years, he has successfully licensed his technologies and founded several companies, one vended and now trading on the Australian and London stock exchanges. Aharon is also an artist with exhibitions of his painting and sculpting works held in Australian and overseas galleries.


Pact Renewables uses specialised equipment for in-house scientific and engineering test works and field trials and engages a core of highly skilled technical personnel. The Company also retains active global collaboration with like-minded technologists and organisations located in North America, Asia and Europe.


Technology commercialisation pathways currently being pursued by the Company depend on the maturity of the technology, market demand and Company's long-term objectives, such as offering markets technology-based waste management tools with measurable positive impacts. Subject to the current global pandemic limitations, Pact Renewables will soon seek strategic investors from like-minded organisations for project partnership who are prepared to use the power of their business to address current major environmental challenges, in particular, saline and cardboard wastes and solid-state hydrogen energy storage. Partnership is expected to be via an appropriate mechanism including joint venture (JV) partnership, technology licensing, product branding or trade sale.

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