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About us

Pact Renewables is a cleantech company based in Sydney, Australia and developer/owner of a unique technology platform for delivery of naturetech solutions with measurable impactful outcomes. Our technology platform is comprised of several proven complementary technologies that can be integrated to generate a variety of soil degradable mineral-based media for use in manufacture of a wide range of sustainable products to address the needs of industries actively seeking nature-based solutions for reducing their footprint, in support of decarbonising the planet. Our fit-for-purpose solutions satisfy the requirements of industries involved in forestation, crop production and carbon credit generation at scale, in terms of flexibility and achieving zero waste outcomes at low lifecycle costs. We also own a proprietary technology portfolio for treatment and reduction of saline waste through selective or sequential recovery of commercial grade minerals to reduce operational footprint.


There is a pressing need to increase ecosystem protection and restoration globally, and we believe that our commercially attractive planting solutions provide critical levers for multiple industries to achieve their net zero targets.

Our project delivery team is comprised of highly experienced personnel, and is led by Dr Aharon Arakel.

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