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Cardboard-to-Products (CtP) is an enabling technology for substantial use of cardboard in the manufacture of a wide range of degradable industrial products and consumer goods. The technology combines a state-of-the-art cardboard defibering method with our innovative mineral-based composites for producing a variety of degradable feedstock materials. CtP can optionally use waste CO2 gas from industrial processes as an added sustainability measure with positive environmental impacts. 

CtP is currently our showcase technology because of the current challenges of cardboard disposal, which is growing exponentially and our technology offers diverse applications with highly beneficial environmental, economic and social impacts. Presently, the most advanced application area of the CtP technology is in production of goods packaging materials. 


To our knowledge, CtP is currently the only technology-based solution for the beneficial use of waste cardboard without the need for recycling, landfilling or incineration.


Indeed, CtP technology as a zero waste solution, has the potential to become a global game changer...

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