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CtP is an enabling technology for production of composites containing organic fibres (including dry cardboard pulp, wood shavings and crop residues) as a specialty feedstock for the manufacture of a wide range of degradable industrial products and consumer goods. A key application area of CtP technology is ultra high water retaining soil degradable seedling pots with enhanced degradability. The technology can also beneficially incorporate waste CO2 gas from industrial processes as an added sustainability measure with products offering added environmental advantages, including the generation of carbon offsets.


Other products made from CtP feedstock materials have been extensively laboratory and field tested and proven as a highly effective media for odour reduction from waste produced in the food chain (including but not limited to food waste, chicken and piggeries, cattle farms, composting operations, and landfills). The technology can also be applied for the manufacture of flexible goods packaging materials.


We believe CtP Technology provides a highly desirable technology-based solution for the ever-mounting waste cardboard challenge through its beneficial use at scale and thus avoiding the need landfilling or incineration.

CtP Technology

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