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Functional additives for large scale 3D printing

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The 3D printing industry is a specialised industry currently experiencing exponential growth that continuously seeks new additives with improved functionalities for application to industrial, architectural and environmental sectors. This is an exciting R&D project recently commenced by Pact Renewables for assessing the application of our proprietary self-binding and fast setting mineral-based composites as an alternative to polymeric additives for printing of large objects. One example that we are actively pursuing is the potential application of our mineral-based addtives to building components where currently dimensional stability is largely achieved using polymers or substantial use of polymeric additives. We are also investigating the application of our proprietary composites in environmental fields, with focus on the additives requirements for construction of coral beds and coastal structures. A key requirement is access to low cost corrosion-free materials with fast-setting properties, which are critically important for detailed micro-engineering design and casting of such structures.


The Company expects to soon enter a collaborative arrangement with a major 3D additives industry player for capturing the existing and growing commercial opportunities for our mineral-based additives.              

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